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Children listening to sounds coming out of colourful drainpipes using paper ear trumpets

Let The Beat Go On

A mysterious force called The Silencer has been stealing sounds at Sage Gateshead. The volume has been turned down, the band has been unplugged and music has left the building. Can you help? Join our Summer Quest for families!

Runs until 26 August at Sage Gateshead.

Photograph of Ross Millard and Mark Lloyd playing guitar

Putting the Band Back Together

Is there a guitar propped up in your bedroom? A drum kit gathering dust in your garage? A trumpet boxed up in the attic? Well, blow off the dust. We're putting the band back together.

Performance of the Year 2017, The Journal Culture Awards

More dates in 2018-19 to be announced.

Photograph of performer Alex Elliott holding a dart and standing in front of a dartboard
Photographs by Chloe Daykin,
Barry Pells and Reed Ingram Weir

Best in the World

Join Alex Elliott on a hilarious, heart-warming and occasionally heroic journey to discover what it means to be best in the world. Motivational bananas included.
Who knows? You might be the best audience in the world.

Putting The Band Back Together and Best in the World are available for touring to theatres, festivals and community venues. Contact our producer Dick Bonham to find out more.