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Photograph of children at the Monsters Parade event for Juice Festival
Photographer: Richard Kenworthy


"I leave with a blown mind and something new from this experience."

Young person, What If...
Winner: NCCPE Engaging Young People

Making theatre with children, young people and community groups is at the heart of what we do. Our projects spark creativity, tell untold stories and nurture talent.

Our participation projects have included large-scale family events such as Juice Festival Monsters Parade, innovative collaborations with young people like our award-winning project, What If..., student theatre such as Strange Voyage, creative residencies in primary schools and one-off drama workshops.

Every show we make sits within a programme of participation work. For example, as part of the creative process of making Best in the World we worked with young people at pupil referral units in Sunderland. We wanted to find out what being best in the world meant to them. Watch this video interview with Annie Rigby and singer, Beccy Owen, talking about what happened.

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