Big-hearted theatre that delights in bringing people together.

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Photograph of Ross Millard holding guitar and lifting a hand up to welcome the audience Photograph of Alex Elliott speaking at the microphone under blue light Photograph of Maria Crocker holding Alex Elliott in her arms Photograph of Maria Crocker with star-shaped sunglasses on, speaking on the microphone under a blue light Photograph of Alex Elliott sitting amongst a drumkit and speakers and looking off to one side
Photograph of Maria Crocker stamping on the floor while Ross Millard plays guitar and Alex Elliott looks on Photograph of Alex Elliott screaming at his fingers Photograph of Maria Crocker in a bright pink robe and headdress singing Photograph of Maria Crocker in a bring pink robe and headdress singing along with the house band Photograph of the performers and a big house band of 20 people onstage together, with bright lights shining around them

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